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Enter at the show for a chance to win a getaway to Adair's Wilderness Lodge in Sussex/Shepody! Includes:

  • One night accommodations
  • Fishing for two guests on Walton Lake




Bass Pro Shops Fishing Features

Bass Pro Shops is bringing together the fishing community at the New Brunswick Sportsmen and Fly Fishing Show!

  • Stop by the Bass Pro Shops Stage throughout the weekend for helpful seminars and tips from the pros to up your fishing and hunting game.
  • Watch as the fly tiers demonstrate their skills LIVE all weekend long! 
  • The fly casting aisle will be busy with some of the region's top casters showing off and showing others how to improve their casts.

Bass Pro S wood

Bass Pro Shops Stage Schedule

Catch these exciting presentations on the stage (seating located at the top of the arena!)

Friday March 27th

4 PM

Benoit Farcy

Striped Bass: Feeding behavior of a predator.

Striped bass can be known as an "easy to take" species. In fact, there is sometimes where they are easy to lure, but there are also sometimes that you have to work tremendously to hook a single one. This seminar will be aiming toward those situation, that can happen anytimes of the year, and where you have to put the right fly at the right time at the right fish. There will be 3 flies tied while explaining the behaviour of this feroce fighter, that will trigger the bite at key moment of their feeding migration. You'll learn, sometimes size does matters.

We will be tying a surface popper, a sandeel pattern (small) and a shrimp pattern (small too).

Saturday March 28th

10:30 AM

Chris White

An Inexpensive Approach to Easy Fly Patterns for Selective Trout

A budget friendly fly tying demonstration which utilizes a minimal amount of materials. The demo will show how easy a tyer can fill the fly box with flies that imitate the insect life that trout feed on when being selective.

2 PM

Steve Andrews

Understanding proportions when tying the Atlantic Salmon Fly, why less equals more.

Tying Atlantic Salmon Flies is more than attaching feathers to a hook making sure they don’t fall off, talking about proper thread control, the right amount of materials, overdressing vs undressing the fly, why using wax helps and how to create a great looking head. These key topics will help make every fly look great and more importantly fish even better.

Sunday March 29th

11 AM


Deirdre Green and Elaine Gray


Women on the River - The Journey

This presentation will encompass what it takes for women to go fishing for both Atlantic Salmon and Trout on our beautiful Maritime Rivers. Deirdre and Elaine will share knowledge and valuable steps to getting into a sport that many enjoy today.  From the stage we will go to the casting aisle to try our hand at casting a line. 

Meet the Speakers

Benoit farcy    

Benoit Farcy

Fly fishing since the age of 5, fly tying became a passion for me when I turned 15. More than 10 years after, I tie between 2000 and 5000 flies yearly. Being able to tie for all the species I may come across has been an objective of mine since the beggining. I started by tying trout flies, than streamer became a great part of my tying untill I discovered the world of salmon and saltwater tying. This is now most of my tying, and over the past few years, more than 10 000 flies came off my vise to be fished everywhere in the world, from Europe to South America.


Deidre Green

Deirdre Green lives in Nova Scotia and is an avid Atlantic Salmon and trout angler. She is passionate about our catch and release fishery and protecting our river systems. Deirdre volunteers with local non-profits and is a proud supporter of local river associations. She first began fly fishing in 2015 and has made strong relationships within the angling community since. She is a featured author and blog contributor who actively encourages other would-be anglers to give the sport a try. In the off-season, her obsession with fishing spills over into her other hobbies. Deirdre ties all of her own flies and dabbles with painting; drawing inspiration from the wealth of time she spends on the river. Her love of fly fishing and her local angling community is apparent as she eagerly seeks out opportunities to share this exciting lifestyle with others.

elaine gray picture

Elaine Gray

Elaine Gray lives in New Brunswick, dividing her time with winters in Moncton, and fishing season at her place on the Little Southwest Miramichi River. She started fishing Atlantic Salmon 6 years ago and has never looked back. She is a fly tier and a board member of the Dieppe Fly Tying Club being very active in all club events, including the Fly Fishing Show every spring.  She volunteers and teaches fly tying at events and other organized programs throughout the year.    Elaine is a conservationist who believes in the catch and release programs for both salmon and trout; and supports organizations working to protect our beautiful rivers and fish. Being a fly tier and a fly fisher, Elaine has made many friends both on and off the river and is grateful for all the knowledge, expertise, and support extended to her along the way. 

chris white 1

Chris White 

Chris White is an avid fly fisherman who began this passion for pursuing trout with a fly rod at the age of 12. It was a 4lb brookie, caught nearly 25 years ago that began his now lifelong pursuit of catching trophy brook trout in South Eastern New Brunswick. Originally from Newfoundland, he inherited most of his passion from his grandfather who was a well known fly fisher that had fished with the likes of Lee and Joan Wulff. Chris has been a guest fly tier and presenter at many venues including the Maritime Sportsman Shows, Bass Pro Shops, Moncton Fish & Game Association, Dieppe Fly Tying Club, and the Sackville Rod & Gun Club. Chris is also a Fly Tying Partner with SHOR Fishing where he contributes to the development and selection of products to help suit the needs of fly fishers and tyers. During the winter months, he is busy tying flies for his clientele throughout North America. Spending so much time on the river has afforded Chris the opportunity to gather a wealth of information and knowledge that contributes to his success both on and off the water each season. He enjoys being able to share this knowledge and has become a point of reference in the trout fly fishing community for insect identification and fly tying. 

steve andrews picture

Steve Andrews  

Steve has been tying flies since 2012, while most vise time is spent tying Atlantic Salmon patterns, traditional dry flies for Trout have become a major interest in the recent years.

Tying flies has developed into a passion that Steve likes to share with the tying community through seminars, guest tying events, lessons and creating step by step instructional videos for YouTube.


Rae MacDougall

Rae was born and raised in New Brunswick. Like many others, he grew up fishing as well as hunting , canoeing and other outdoor activities. At one point he was the bowhunting chairman for the province.
He first started fly fishing around the age of 9 and quickly picked up the skill of fly tying from his uncle. Although he used to ty corporate flies, traditional married wing flies and supplied a number of stores with salmon and trout flies, he now just concentrates on flies for fly fishers to catch fish. His favourite flies are - Silver Grey, Green Butt Bear Hair and his own pattern, dubbed by Steve Smith, Rae's Special.

Gerry allain
Gerry Allain

Fly fishing and fly tying are an art. Gerry started Fly Tying in 1994. Catching salmon and trout on a fly is a good feeling - there are many fly patterns on the market, but according to Gerry, those you tie yourself are more durable.

More than 90% of fish water fish feed on nymph. Nymph fishing is the deadliest method of catching trout. Gerry specializes in tying nymph and small trout flies. When you see a fly on top of the water, try to catch it - chances are, the underbelly is not the same color than on top. As you probably know, the chance of surviving when releasing a fish is lot higher with a fly than a bait.

Gerry invites you to come and see him at the Fly Fishing Forum, to discuss trout fly tying and see his creation.

Guest Fly Tiers

Watch as these talented tiers show off their skills live throughout the show in the arena!

Allen Kay 

Chris White

Marlon Prince

Jakob Lorefice 

Jerry Allain

Deirdre Green 

Rae MacDougall

Steve Andrews

International Fly Fishing Film Festival® - IF4

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is coming back to the show! A collection of short films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe, it showcases the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing. This inspiring collection of family-friendly films contains exclusive content, and is a must see experience. 

Friday March 27rd
Time: 6PM (doors are opening at 5:30 PM)
Where: Legends Restaurant
Admission: 10$

Show Specials & New Products


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